Woman’s Sexual Health

Sexual wellness is as important to men as it is for men to attain emotional and physical well being. People who do not have a content sex life are often seen to be stressed and frustrated.

Achieving a good sex life involves reflection and a lot of healthy communication with your partner.

A female, being more complex emotionally and physically than men, require more attention and caring to gain good sexual health.

Let Us Discuss Some Aspects On The Matter

For men, the sexual activity is attained by their natural drive to have it, but with women it is a bit more complex.

A woman will not perform sexual activities with someone with whom she is not comfortable and also with someone for whom she does not feel really strongly.

Most women after having menopause are not driven by physical desires but by their feelings.

The meaning of being sexually contended differs in men and females. Even in women, there are different levels on which a woman may feel sexually satisfied.

Some women feel content just by the arousing while others will want to have orgasms to satisfy themselves. To be sexually satisfied you need to understand our body and ask your partner to give you what you want and vice versa.

Different Means to Achieve Complete Sexual Satisfaction

There are lots of ways to attain sexual wellness for a woman. Here are a few tips and advice to do so:

  • Start talking to your partner.This is the first and the most important step towards improving you sex life. Talking to your partner eases out a lot of discomforts and helps clear out most of the misunderstandings.Tell your partner about your sexual experience with him and point out the things that you liked or disliked. This gives your partner a better understanding of your body and its needs.Try to talk for a limited amount of time so as not to drag yourself and your partner out of your comfort zone.
  • Women often do not complain about any of the discomforts they have while having sex. That is not good for the woman’s sexual health.You should always point out the troubles to your partner.Sex is supposed to be a relaxing experience. It means to get you closer to your spouse. If you hide something from him, then you might just end up getting frustrated. And you don’t want that.
  • You can also use books about woman’s sexual health to make your partner understand more about the female body and feelings.  Erect on Demand contains advice that will help you understand a woman’s need/
  • Women find it acceptable to try different things in sex. You must talk with your partner about exploring your bodies and the different things that you can do in an act of physical intimacy.Try to go for the things that both of you are comfortable with. Sometimes you do things just to please your partner, but they might not be that comforting to you that is not a right thing.Hence, get in things that make both the partners happy. When you do that, you will find your sexual experience is more refreshing and relaxing.
  • Women like to be emotionally intimate before they can be physically intimate. Tell your partner to not to rush to sex but before that try to get emotionally intimate with you.  You can do this by talking about your liked past experiences and also about what you want from your partner in the intercourse. Sharing your expectations will let your partner not do something totally out of the way. It gives him the idea of your comfort areas and will help you go about it happily.

If you feel that nothing is working out in your sex life, talk to a doctor or a therapist. They might be able to suggest you medications and alternate methods that will help you out.