With Low Testosterones Come Many Headaches

Bold, however, they might be, but there’s one truth no men feel like to accept, and that’s experiencing low testosterone. Issues that raise a question on their masculinity have a profound impact on their physical, mental and emotional health.

It is this emotional and mental upheaval that prevents men from opening up in front of friends and family.

With changing time attitude have begun to change and today men prefer opting for medications quite confidently.

The Aching Issue Of Low Testosterone

So what is this issue that so stealthily creeps into a men’s life only to rob it off its happiness?

This uninvited sexual disorder manifests because of several reasons. Every man experiences low testosterone for at least once in his lifetime.

That being said a little bit of information regarding the issue could prove to be very helpful.

  • Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in the human body. Like all hormones, this too has its function.
  • An adequate level of testosterone keeps away the fear of low libido that results in a low sex drive
  • In aged people complains of low testosterone is a common occurrence.
  • Availability of a wide variety of therapy and medications makes the issue less stressful to a certain degree

Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

Detecting disorders such low testosterone in the initial stages could be a little complicated.

Therefore, experts recommend observing and notifying even the slightest of symptoms that resemble those mentioned below.

  • Drop in your sex drive: to experience low sex drive as men age is typical but amongst younger people, existence of this issue for a long time could be a warning sign of low testosterone
  • Getting an erection becomes difficult: testosterone assists in the process that helps men in getting an erection. Getting an erection becomes challenging and also the duration of keeping the erection curtails.

Low level of testosterone results in men experiencing low sex drive.

  • Men with low testosterone might experience loss of facial as well as bodily hair.
  • Complaints of tiredness and fatigue are common amongst people with low testosterone.
  • Sharp increase in body fat. On many occasions, researchers have found men with low testosterone with enlarged breasts. Experts explain that this could be due to low testosterone.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Mood fluctuations

Causes Of Low Testosterone

It is particularly important for people with complaints of low testosterone to remain aware of the various cause of the issue for it will keep them alert to various do’s and don’ts. Some of the prominent causes noticed by the researchers are:

  • Kidney and liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Injury especially to the testicles
  • Obesity
  • Lungs disease
  • Diabetes
  • Alcohol
  • Effects of chemotherapy used to treat cancer

Some Of The Quick Fixes

Well, the idea of quick fixes never really work and in few lucky cases where it does work the results are seldom as desired.

One with chronic diseases cannot stop taking their medications for complaints of low testosterone. And drugs of any type, used for whatever purpose, in some inexplicable ways do interfere with men’s sex life.

But there are certainly some natural and smart ways by which men can alter their lifestyle and bring in good results.

  • By reducing weight, one can improve the level of testosterone production in one’s body
  • The highly efficient way of working on your weight is via exercise.
  • Showing the door to some of the habits such as drinking and smoking
  • Sufficient amount of sleep
  • For those suffering from excessive stress, meditation is advisable
  • Usage of antidepressants is fine as long as it does not fire back

Low Testosterone And Its Treatment

A large chunk of the population has no idea about the phenomenon of low testosterone. For many the occurrence of the issue, at first, is nothing less than a thunderbolt.

The reaction is quite understandable, since it’s like a looming dark cloud over one’s happy sexual life. In some cases, this also disrupts marriages due to lack of knowledge about its treatment.

Thankfully as science advanced in the field of medicine, it has given us a whole new range of medications and treatment options for a broad range of issues. One such is the solution to low testosterone.

The most popular form of treatment for the issue includes:

  • Testosterone replacement therapy
  • Weight loss regime can be rewarding
  • Testosterone injections
  • Testosterone gel
  • Implantable testosterone pellets

Treatment And Medications Have Some Risks

Experts and leading researchers suggest its best people opt for low testosterone treatment only after having proper consultation with their doctor. The best of medication or treatment can prove to be fatal if taken without due consideration.

People whose medical history mentions of any major surgery are strongly advised to reach on the door of their doctor before they turn to any direct medications.

It’s common for people who opt for treatment to complain about certain things that are considered to be normal. Immediately inform your doctor about any prolonged irritation or problem.

Does The Effort Worth It?

It depends on how you weigh the outcome. You will be left amazed if you pore over the outcome of the various treatment received by people for they are content with the outcome. Indeed, medications for such issues are risky but they worth a try.

With better lifestyle, odds of these issues’ manifestation decrease. With proper and adequate knowledge one can help himself without much effort and wastage of time and money.

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