Treatments For Low Libido in Women

The problem of loss of libido is not exclusive to men. Women too can suffer from this ailment in various phases of their life. The treatments that are provided may not be as instantaneous, but they work nonetheless.

Reasons For Loss of Libido

Several things can cause women to lose interest in sex. Women have more hormonal disturbances than men, and some of them can significantly affect the libido.

Some other factors that have a negative impact on the sexual health of a woman include stress in relationships, work related stress, childbirth, and various forms of the psychological disorder.

Most women are afraid to seek help for these problems, dismissing them as unimportant. But the harsh truth is that they need to be treated as diligently as possible.

So if you experience some problem regarding your sex life, be sure to contact your physician or a sexologist. Do not be embarrassed to talk about it, because you never know when there’s a deeper underlying problem.

Common and Natural Treatments

  • Meditation: Having control over your mind can be advantageous in keeping your body fit. Meditation is known to cure depression, which can directly affect your arousal.Consequently, you will be more in tune with your body and feel less distress regarding things. Many doctors have used meditation in their treatments. The patients have extremely benefited from this.
  • Hormone Replacement: Believe it or not, testosterone actually helps in improving the sex drive of women too. This hormone can be taken externally if the body is not already producing enough of it.
  • Acupuncture: Most of the people suffering from below than average libido generally have depression and are being treated for it. Treating depression with antidepressants along with acupuncture therapy can do wonders for improving your libido and mental health.
  • Testosterone: This is one of the arguable treatments of low libido. Although, that hasn’t stopped people from considering it and experimenting with it. This one is known to cause more problems than it solves.The list of side effects is a mile long. Taking testosterone is known to cause breast cancer, increase chances of cardiac problems, increase body hair, acne, and many more problems. Some women take the chances anyway.
  • Yoga: Yoga is known to cure all the ailments of the body and the mind. So why should it not help with sexual desires? There are several positions available which can be tried to improve blood circulation to the genital areas. Positions such as mountain pose, camel pose, child pose and much more improve your flexibility and help you perform better. It also relaxes your mind and keeps your brain more focused on your partner.
  • Flibanserin: This is new experimental hormonal therapy drug which is now being tested by both women and doctors worldwide. This hormone is said to increase the dopamine flow of the body.Dopamine lowers the feeling of depression and inhibitions in women. This will all help make the sexual life better.

To Sum It Up

The satisfaction of men during sexual activities is not the only important factor. If the womans partner is not into it, then nobody is going to enjoy the process.  From Erect on Demand, it teaches the guy how to turn a woman on.

It is even more important if the couple is trying to conceive a baby.

There is no such thing as normal as far as sexual life is concerned. But if you notice a change in your own body or behavior, then maybe it is the time that you should get a check up.

Women typically face more ups and downs than men do. The monthly cycle greatly affects the woman’s libido.

Also, the after effects of pregnancy and other significant illnesses can greatly hamper their health.