Smoking Is Injurious to Your Health and Sex Life

Smoking is one of the most common unhealthy habits found to be prevalent amongst those who work under high-pressure.

To ward off the pressure and keep oneself going opting for a puff of the cigarette is quite common. Unfortunately, this one puff of the cigarette takes no time in forming a solid crystal habit.

It is also observed in the studies that people are not unaware of the drastic effects of smoking on their health.

Propagation of insights about other more harmful effects such as erectile dysfunction can help bring the numbers of smokers down.

Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Erectile dysfunction is not a common term and is suffered by a majority.
  • When a man encounters difficulty in getting an erection or maintaining an erection for a long duration, most probably, he is said to be suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • An improper erection keeps a man from having a normal married life due to various reasons.
  • Aged population often complains of this sexual disorder. In many countries treatment for erectile dysfunction for such aged group has been reduced by considering factors such as age and also medication.

What Role Smoking Plays In Erectile Dysfunction?

Smoking is an antagonist. Apart from claiming millions of lives across the globe, smoking also renders people helpless and diseased for life.

The most hazardous of chemicals are used in cigarettes, and this smoke enters your body only to create havoc on your nervous system in innumerable ways.

For penis to maintain a decent level of erection, it requires a smooth and increased flow of blood into it. Arteries that play a major role in carrying blood narrow down thus making it difficult for the blood to flow appropriately to the needed body parts. Failure in proper flow of blood to the penis results in erectile dysfunction.

Sexual Issues In Society

People, in general, do not very well take the problem of erectile dysfunction, but growing awareness has begun to change attitude.

Erectile dysfunction is something, which affects men profoundly. They find it difficult to share their problem due to various reasons such as:

  • Fear of being seen as weak
  • Embarrassment amongst family and friend circle
  • Uncomfortable to accept the issue
  • Many wait for the issue to rectify on its own and after an endless wait, they find it difficult to reveal.

Smoking And Its Harmful Effects

Disastrous effects of smoking are not limited but countless. What other effects smoking can perpetrate on any smoker?

  • Smoking cause cancer: lung cancer, mouth cancer
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Hampers the production of sperm both in the terms of quality and quantity
  • Ocular diseases
  • It brazenly steals away years from your life.

Inveterate Smokers Say Goodbye To Smoking

Bidding farewell to smoking is not impossible. Firm determination and unflinching will can serve you well in your mission to quit the habit of smoking. Some of it, benefits, are:

  • You begin to witness an improved sex life
  • Your skin starts becoming normal
  • It saves you from unnecessary expenditure
  • You regain your sense of taste
  • You feel good and confident

Be A Quitter For A Good Cause

Every smoker struggles to kick the butt but motivation and determination is the key to successful quitting!

If you find the idea of quitting smoking as tempting as smoking itself then it’s advisable you consult a doctor. After studying your weak spot, they guide you and make the journey less tormenting and testing.

The path of smoking only takes you to chronic disease and erectile dysfunction and this tiny bit of knowledge is probably motivating enough to decide on being a non-smoker, isn’t it?

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