Sexual Problems Men Are Embarrassed To Talk About

Studies show that one in five men experience sexual problems at some point in their life. The problem is that the topic is too sensitive to be discussed openly.

This is the reason that most men do not seek help and suffer throughout their lives.

It may prove a little hurtful to their ego, but there is not a reason it should. It is just as common and understandable as going to a doctor for a fever.

Do not forget that these issues may have serious underlying causes, which may manifest itself later in your life.  If you want to reduce your chances of these issues, get Erect on Demand book for further advice.

The Common Problems

  • Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome: Testosterone is the principal hormone responsible for many male characteristics. If you have the shortage of this hormone in your body, then a lot of things besides your sexual health will be affected.  Hypogonadism is also likely to affect several other aspects of your life such as your bone health, muscle strength and repairability, your emotions and mood, and also your overall health and stamina.  If you suspect that you may have this problem, then go to your doctor immediately. This is completely curable via hormone replacement therapy.
  • Previous Injurie: Peyronie’s disease is generally a result of a previous genital injury. If you shorten the curvature of your sexual organs, which can often be painful.  Some severe cases of this problem disable their victims from performing any sexual activity. It is treatable through a minor surgery.There are also few injections available now to help you out.
  • Priapism: This is a condition when a man experiences erections lasting up to 4 hours or more. It is important to take the patient to the emergency room, or it may end up causing permanent damage to the genitals.  This condition is usually a result of a drug overdose and sexual drugs like Viagra.  It is treatable if the patient is taken to the medical emergency and treated on time.
  • Premature Ejaculation: This problem affects more men that it is known. Very few treatments are available for this. Numbing the penis with topical ointments is one of them.