Obesity Paves The Way For Erectile Dysfunction

Obese people are vulnerable to many diseases. As they grow more obese, their body becomes more and weaker and susceptible to a range of health issues.

Findings of the major studies conducted in an attempt to understand the various risk factors and the possible remedial measure are shocking. For example, obesity doubles the chances of your heart attack and sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction.

What Is Obesity?

When Body Mass Index known as BMI is or over 30, the person falls into the category of obese people. People with slightly less BMI are said to be overweight, which means above 25 and below 30.

What Leads To Obesity?

A poorly managed lifestyle along with some other interesting factors contribute people in gaining weight so much that they surpass the level of overweight and slips into the category of obesity.

Unnecessary Over Eating Is Characteristics Of Obese People

Today the market is full of delicious eatables. And according to major research studies the market or say fast food industry has bloomed significantly in the past few decades. Along with the surge in numbers of fast food industries, there has been a steep rise in the number of people with obesity.

Again, what causes obesity?

  • Improper or over intake of calories
  • Over-reliance on fast foods
  • Availability of more and cheaper eatables
  • Consumption of food items with heavy carbohydrates

Going Nocturnal Increases The Risk Of Obesity

People turn nocturnal for a variety of reasons. It might be due to:

  • Night shift at work
  • Sleeplessness due to stress
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • For enjoyment with peers
  • Due to diseases
  • Mental disorder

As one skips their bedtime, the hormone that suppresses appetite faces a dip in its production. On the contrary, hormones responsible for enhancing or increasing our appetite surges.

With Reduced Smoking Chances Of Obesity Increases!

There’s absolutely no reason to say cheers. Don’t take this as an excuse, please!

Yes, researchers claim that not all but few people who have successfully quit smoking experiences strange rise in their body weight.

A better way to tackle the situation is to consult the doctor and switch to regular body exercise and other physical activities.

Work That Calls Forth No Physical Movement

If technologies have its boon, then it undoubtedly has its banes as well.

  • Activities, which until few decade required body movement could now be done with the push of a button or with the click on your computer, screen, thanks to advanced technology.
  • With no or lesser body movement life-threatening issue such as obesity knocks on the door.

Take a moment and think about how comfortable your life has become today, isn’t it amazing? This comfortable lifestyle is one of the primary reasons of obesity.

Obesity Is Many A Times Uninvited

Many people on medication sometimes complain of experiencing sudden weight gain. Here in such instances, it’s not their eating habit but the drugs they are on affects their body weight.

People respond to Drugs and medicines according to their body.

Any sudden and unexpected response to medication must be reported so that the concerned doctor alters medication before the issue turns to be grimmer.

Obesity Messes Up Your Sex Life

Now that we know obesity can occur due to many reasons, it’s important to know that with growing obesity chances of erectile dysfunction increases.

  • By hampering the supply of blood to the penis, obesity affects erection.
  • For men to achieve the desired level of erection rapid flow of blood is mandatory.
  • In the body of an obese person, this function receives severe beating due to many reasons.

Kick Obesity Away and Stay Sexually Happy

Increased physical activities, lesser consumption of carbohydrates and other calories promise to bring about miraculous changes.

It will help you keep your body healthy and young and at bay from a sexual disorder such as erectile dysfunction.

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