Low Testosterone And Its Side Effects

As man ages, the level of testosterone in him decreases. That’s perfectly normal, natural and widely known.

But low testosterone is something, which is seen amongst various age groups and is not limited to the older populace.

The good news is it is curable and preventable as well if taken care off from the beginning.

Issues of low testosterone can be dealt with effectively provided one has adequate knowledge regarding how to go about it.

What Is Testosterone?

The human body produces several hormones. One of the several hormones produced is testosterone.

The function of testosterone is multiple and of great importance. Low production of testosterone upsets routine life of an individual.

  • Testosterone helps men build muscle and bone mass.
  • It also aids in fuelling sex drive
  • It aids in proper sperm production
  • Diagnosing low testosterone appropriately is herculean task

What Happens If You Experience Low Productions OF Testosterone?

According to various studies, the diagnosis of low testosterone is tough and often confusing. Symptoms which can also be seen in many other diseases or issues make the prevalence of the issue of low testosterone more difficult.

However, some of the most common and obvious changes one can experience during low testosterone production include:

  • As mentioned low testosterone drastically affects the building of muscle. Those experiencing low testosterone production often complain of decreased muscle strength and muscles mass.
  • Also mentioned earlier that the issue of low testosterone results in thinning of bone, in other words, decreased bone mass. The occurrence of bone fractures is often reported.
  • Where young experiences steep fall in their sex desire, the older group experiences low sex drive. Treatments as per age group are readily available today.
  • Difficulty in achieving erection is another side-effect of low testosterone production.
  • The most common complaint is of constant fatigue and weakness.
  • The increase in body fat and mood fluctuations are another most common occurrences.

Many of the symptoms of low testosterone are found in other issues as well so consulting your doctor is not only necessary but also smart.

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