Improving Your Sexual Health Through Yoga

Yoga has been known to improve overall health, which includes your sexual health and energy. There are several poses for those who believe that they are not performing as well as they could.

Rest assured; this can all be taken care of just by doing a few simple stretches and exercises on a daily basis. Yoga helps you pull all your energy inwards. You will feel more in charge of your body.

The drawing of energy inwards can also help you with developing an enormous amount of focus. So if you want to improve your sexual prowess then stay tuned and follow the yoga poses that are given.  As well as Yoga, you should also utilise Erect on Demand to improve your sex life.

Yoga Poses To Help Your Sex Life

The Chair Pose:

This pose might be a little hard to perform at first. By a little practice, however, you will get the hang of it and enjoy great benefits.

  • First of all, start by standing in the mountain pose. In the mountain pose, you have to keep your arms stretched out and your back completely straight.
  • Now, slightly bend your knees together as if you were going to sit on a chair.
  • Raise your arms over your head and join them together. Try to squeeze in your thighs as much as possible. Try to lift your arms even further so that your back bends a little. Your stomach should also feel a little stretch.
  • Keeping this position intact, take about 10-12 deep breaths and let them out slowly. You can also make this pose a little harder for yourself and achieve even greater benefits.  For this, you just have to try and squat a little bit harder and dig your heels into the floor as much as you can.

The Camel Pose:

This pose is a little trickier than the chair pose. However, the benefits are even greater.

  • To get started, kneel down placing your hips on your heels. Keep your toes curled behind. Keep your back straight throughout the entire exercise.
  • Now, you have to place your palm on your back. Take a deep breath and feel the air entering your lungs. Also, try to feel the movement of your ribs.
  • Arch your back forward during the inhalation procedure. Try to arch your back as far forward as you can. You can picture a ball behind you that is trying to push you forward.
  • Now rest both your hands on your feet.
  • While exhaling, take your hands back to your back and slowly begin to arrive at the straight position again.

Do this slowly and gradually or it may be painful. Repeat this pose about ten times.

The Straddle Pose:

This pose will become easy with practice. It helps in increasing the blood flow to your genitals, thus making them healthier.

  • Start in a sitting position with your legs straight in front of you.
  • Now, keeping your legs straight spread them as far apart as you can. Hold your toes with your hands and keep your elbows straight. Now, take a deep breath and slowly bend forward.
  • When your face is about to touch the ground, stop.
  • Hold this position for about 5 seconds. Now, exhale and slowly get back up, keeping your back straight the whole time.

If you are an expert, then try to touch your chest muscles to the floor. This will become easier as you go along.

You will also feel a stretch in your thigh muscles.

Repeat this exercise about ten times.

Viparita Karani Pose:

  • This pose will also help in improving the blood circulation in your pelvic region. This is a fairly common pose, and it is easy for even a beginner to perform.  Start by lying down straight on the floor. If you are completely new at this, you can take the support of a wall or similar device.
  • Put your arms on your waist and hold it firmly.
  • Now, slowly lift your pelvis and legs off the floor and rest them on the wall.
  • Make your legs as straight as you can. The position will be complete when your head is forming a perpendicular with the rest of your body.

Hold this position for about 10 seconds, and then go back to normal.

Repeat this exercise for about 10-12 times.

Child’s Pose:

This pose is good for your entire body. It even helps you relieve stress and relaxes your mind.

  • Start by sitting with your legs folded under your thighs. Keep your feet straight with your heel supporting your hips.
  • Now, lift your hands upwards and make them completely straight. Slowly bend forward till your arms touch the floor.
  • Your back should not be strained in any way. You can even keep your arms beside yourself if you feel more comfortable.
  • Holding this position, take about 10-15 deep breaths. Now, slowly lift your hands up and start rising back upwards.

Do this until you are in your initial position. Repeat this exercise 10-12 times.

The Bridge Pose:

This is another common yoga pose. This pose focuses more on your back and pelvic muscles, making your sex life better.

  • To perform this pose, first, lie down on your back keeping your legs straight. Slowly arch your back and make a perpendicular with your knees.
  • Hold your feet and help maintain this posture for some time.
  • Your head should not leave the floor.
  • Take a few deep breaths in this position.
  • Now, leave your feet and slowly straighten your legs till you get to your initial position.

Repeat this exercise about 10-12 times.

The Lotus Pose:

This is probably one the most common yoga poses. This improves the flexibility of the thigh and pelvic muscles, which is very important during sexual activities.

You just have to sit on the floor with your back straight and cross-legged. Now pull each of your feet to rest on the opposite thigh. Rest your hands on your knees.

Hold this position for a few minutes and keep taking deep breaths. You should feel a stretch in your muscles.

Plow Pose:

This pose may make you a little nauseous a first, but it gets better with time. This pose improves blood circulation throughout your entire body.

All you have to do is lie down straight on your back. Now, slowly arch your legs and bend them over your head. Keep your arms straight at your side. Hold this position for a few seconds.