Factors and Substances That Ruin Your Sexual Health

It is very hard for a man to seek professional help regarding a sensitive issue such as a low sex drive. However, it is not a matter of ego.

You could be ignoring some serious health problems that may even cost you your life.

So feel free to talk to your partner and consult a doctor. There are several things you do in your daily life that is unknowingly sabotaging your sex life.

What To Avoid

  • Psychiatric Drugs: This may not really be an option, as ignoring a mental illness can mess your body up more than it already was.
    Several drugs that are used for the treatment of depression and anxiety make your libido go downhill.Several other medications that are used for the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular problems also affect an individual’s sexual health. However, at this point, you really have bigger things to worry about than your sex drive.
  • Alcohol: If you take alcohol once in a blue moon, then it’s really not an issue. However, if you are a frequent drinker, then it is likely that you to may have a low sex drive.People generally consume alcohol to fight off the symptoms of depressions or other problems.This may also be a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction and orgasmic function.
  • Caffeine: If you are already suffering from some anxiety issues, then please make sure to keep your caffeine intake as low as possible.This is a direct contributor of a lowered sex drive.
  • Over Exercising: Though exercising in moderation may boost your libido, over exercising has just the opposite effect. You will be so fatigued that sexual activities may not even interest you anymore.
  • Pornography: Though this may sound somewhat weird, men who spend a lot of time masturbating often end up lowering their sex drive.

This is because over-stimulation of the dopamine in the body will lessen the sexual pleasure eventually. Your brain has a harder time figuring out how to respond!  Try Erect On Demand instead.