Are Your Unhealthy Habits Wrecking Your Everyday Sex Life?

If we believe the findings of the majority of the studies conducted in the past few years, then the number of people with some or the other sexual disorders has shot up.

The reason for this dramatic increase varies and is as broad as it can get.

Complaints of Erectile dysfunction, issues of low testosterone, problems of low sex drive, disordered or improper orgasm and likes are frequent and common.

While those with adequate general knowledge regarding the issues scale up their focus towards treatment, whereas those with minimum to zero knowledge not only suffer physically but also mentally.

What Leads To Erectile Dysfunction?

Before you make an attempt at exploring the various cause of erectile dysfunction, it’s better and rather wise to learn what exactly this issue is?

Erectile dysfunction means, in other words, having difficulty in getting an erection. It can also, in many cases, mean an inability to keep an erection for a long duration.

In not so complicated words, any hindrance in the process of blood passing through the arteries to the penis obstructs a man from getting no or a weak erection.

As more blood makes its way into the penis, men experience and get a firmer erection that lasts longer. Poor erection leads to incomplete and dissatisfying sexual intercourse.

The Seven Most Terrifying Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

To single out any particular reason for erectile dysfunction is not a good idea. Of course, there are instances where people have been upset due to one single reason.

But, often it has been found individuals with complaints of erectile dysfunction are either suffering through or are into habits of-

  • Obesity
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Stress

Obnoxious Obesity

Obesity is notorious, and it is so for a reason. Obesity plagues a large proportion of population and straightaway exposes them to many dreadful diseases.

People with erectile dysfunction are in most cases also a victim of obesity.

The number of researches that have been conducted to find the possible and actual effects of obesity on erectile dysfunction is yet to be ascertained.

But the initial findings of almost all of these studies indicate that obesity does affect men’s sexual life.

It affects the smooth and rapid flow of blood to the penis thereby making it difficult for men to have an erection.

Sweat It Out

These studies have also explained how slashing of few pounds has helped people immediately with their erection disorder. Here’s what an individual with complaints of obesity and erectile disorder could do:

  • Set a goal and keep progressing each day with same vigor
  • Reduce your intake of sugar
  • Try and communicate and work out with people facing similar issue
  • Consult your doctor for better results
  • Aerobics is the best way of sweating it out.
  • Focus on your belly fat; it is your worst enemy
  • Keep away from fat foods

Don’t Stress About Your Stress

Few years or say decades ago, going through a difficult phase did not attract much attention or importance. It was deemed normal. So is it okay to have stress?

The level of stress determines whether it is okay or not. Every human being on our planet experiences stress of some sort. The stress of this kind is absolutely normal.

But then there are a group of individuals who experiences stress for a major part of their days, months, and sadly, years.

Excessive stress has an indirect effect on men’s sexual life. For a stressed out man it’s normal to:

  • Avoid having sexual intimacy with their partner
  • Experience mood fluctuation
  • Anxiety
  • Feel low at regular interval
  • Perform poorly at work
  • Argue for no good reason
  • Argue and sometimes this arguments turn into altercations.
  • Remain for a sad and gloomy

Stress On The Solution

All the possible sexual disorders that a man experiences are said to be inter-related. Over-stressed out men are vulnerable and quite easily are engulfed in their stress.

What leading experts suggest them is that such people must stand on their leg and help themselves. Nothing is so motivating as showing yourselves a way out, isn’t it?

Stressed-out people must-

  • Seek expert’s guidance
  • Talk to their partner
  • Meditate
  • Take part in physical activities
  • Try to focus on being productive as against to being busy
  • Take their time and understand their emotion and work on it
  • Avoid things that is mentally disturbing


Figures obtained from a study are terrifying for the number of deaths because of smoking and drinking is one of the highest. Smoking inflicts huge damage on a man’s sexual life is proven.

  • Blood vessels or arteries that carry blood to the various parts of the body receive severe damages due to the harmful smoke of a cigarette.
  • These arteries also supply blood to a man’s sexual organ and help to gain maximum erection during the time of intercourse.
  • Without an adequate supply of blood, the penis fails to get an erection. Thus, the man then falls prey to erectile dysfunction.

Quit Smoking And Take Step Towards Happy Life

Bidding farewell to the habit smoking can be so beautifully rewarding. Almost within a day, it is widely claimed; people witness changes and improvement in their health and on their body as a whole. Some of the benefits are:

  • It improves vision
  • Improved mental condition
  • Improvement in sex
  • Teeth and skin improve visually
  • Lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack
  • Confidence replaces stress and mental instability

Work Hard For An Improved Version Of You

Much of the sexual disorders people suffer are due to the unhealthy habits they so dearly held.

The tiniest of ignorance threatens to push the train of your happy life off the track. Being alert to your issues and consulting your doctor at an appropriate time is the smartest way to prevent them developing and growing.

By opting for some utterly life-saving miraculous healthy habits, you can quite economically avoid these forms of issues like erectile dysfunction and others from manifesting and plaguing your life.

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