Erect On Demand Review

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Hi there, Adam here. Usually I am not the kind of guy who writes reviews online about e-books for supplements, but in this case I’m making a rare exception to tell you about a system called Erect on Demand that actually involves both an e-book and a supplement.

The reason I’m making this exception is because this product has made a huge (pun intended) difference in my life, and that is something that I think is worth sharing with the world, especially considering how many mistakes I made along the way before I found out about Erect on Demand.

In fact, before I get into Erect on Demand and tell you what it is and what it can do for you, I want to tell you a little bit more about my life and the problems I was suffering from as well as some of those missteps I made trying to get things back on track. I suspect that if you are reading this review you will be able to relate.

In College, I Met This Great Girl …

I used to have it all. I met my wife when we were still in college, and back then, I was on top of the world. I was young, I was in fantastic shape, and I was on my way to a promising career in law. More than anything, I remember feeling so virile. Getting it up was effortless. Heck, sometimes it happened even when I didn’t want it to! My girl and I had mind-blowing sex every day. Everything about our relationship was perfect, physically and spiritually. We got married right after school, excited to embark on our life together.

My Intimacy… My Marriage … Were Falling Apart

For a few years, everything was great. Our relationship and our life were a dream come true. But then things started heading downhill. Work was very demanding, which meant we didn’t have as much time to spend together. And when we did, more and more, I couldn’t seem to perform in bed. I was starting to get fatigued, which at first I assumed was just stress. But over time, I realized something else is wrong. Maybe it was stress, but more likely, I was just getting older.

Things got really bad a couple years ago. Our relationship had already lost a lot of intimacy, but things really started to fall apart when I discovered that I couldn’t get an erection at all anymore. Well, I managed it now and again, but we were having sex less than once a month, and I became less and less willing to try, because I was more and more afraid of failing.

There are few things are more crippling for your self-esteem and your sense of manhood than not being able to satisfy a beautiful woman that you love. The look of disappointment on her face was unbearable. The way she tried to hide it was even worse. And all the while I kept wondering, “Is she seeing anyone else on the side? How long is this going to last before she gives up and leaves me?”

She told me I wasn’t trying hard enough (pun not intended), and that she felt like I didn’t care. At first that made me really angry. I was trying. But after a while I realized I was trying less and less, and maybe she was right. Part of me had started to accept the crushing idea I’d never have great sex again.

ED Pills Made Life Worse

So I started looking into different avenues to fix the problem. One of the first things I tried was pills for erectile dysfunction. At first I was optimistic, because I was able to get an erection again. But it came with all kinds of horrible side effects. I kept getting these awful headaches, and it seemed like I would get a stomach ache every time I used them. There were issues with my vision and sometimes I had muscle pains too. It wasn’t a lot of fun and I wondered if taking these pills was really bad for my health (probably terrible!).

Plus, none of that was solving the central problem for me, which was that I felt like less of a man. I wanted to find a natural solution to the problem, something that wouldn’t have me relying on these nasty drugs.

Then I Discovered Erect on Demand

I never wanted to talk to anyone about my problem for obvious reasons; it was humiliating. But one day somehow the topic came up at the gym, and one of the guys told me about this system that he had just bought called Erect on Demand. It was basically a miracle, because it was a conversation I normally wouldn’t have had, so it happened at just the right moment with just the right person.

Erect on Demand is an e-book which teaches you how to make a cocktail out of safe, natural herbal ingredients (including one very important amino acid!) to cure your erectile dysfunction. What I love about this e-book is that not only did the cocktail work, but the e-book didn’t just throw the recipe at me without any context. First, it taught me a lot more about erectile dysfunction, give me a better understanding of my situation.

It also went beyond just giving me the cocktail. After you learn how to cook up the Ultimate Boner Brew Cocktail, you learn about lifestyle changes that you can make to fight erectile dysfunction, as well as supplements and exercises which you can try. So you’re taking a comprehensive approach to tackling the problem.

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What You Get

The other thing that is awesome about this product is that you actually are getting a lot more than just an e-book. While you can make the cocktail from scratch, you also get to try the “1-Minute Miracle,” which is a capsule version that you get when you order! So you are getting an e-book and a supplement, just as I mentioned earlier.

You also get 5 Fast-Action Bonuses when you order now:

  • Text Her Panties Off: Get Her Hot & Ready For Action With The Push Of A Button
  • Titan Stamina: Become A ‘Sex God’ In The Bedroom
  • Instant Orgasm: 7 Positions To Give Her An Instant Explosion
  • MR BIG: Simple Exercises To A Super–Sized Member
  • 33 Innocent Words That Turn Her On: Get Her Juices Flowing In Just Seconds

You get all of that for just $69.95. On top of that, there is a 60-day full refund guarantee, so you are not risking anything by trying this product. That was a big deal for me after I wasted so much money on ED pills!

It Worked For Me

And now to what you want to know the most … did it work for me? The answer of course is YES, but let me tell you exactly what that means:

  • YES, my libido has increased! I actually find myself thinking about sex and wanting sex again without it having to be this huge deliberate effort.
  • YES, it is side-effect free and SO much better than ED pills.
  • YES, my wife thanks me every day - and we are now having more sex than we have in years. Our marriage is totally back on track. I can stop worrying about whether she is going to cheat on me or leave me for another man. And we are finally back to enjoying our time together.

And most importantly, YES, I feel like a man again. I have recovered my lost confidence and it feels unbelievable. It has made a major difference in my relationship since I am no longer so insecure, and less likely to read into things I shouldn’t. It has made a difference outside my sex life too. I notice that I am actually doing a lot better at work. It is just so much easier to perform in a high-pressure job when I feel good about myself.

Pros of Erect on Demand

  • It works. This is number one, of course. The cocktail that you learn how to make actually got me the results I was so desperate for. It worked just as quickly as ED pills, but unlike the ED pills, it didn’t come with nasty side effects. Using this stuff, I felt great. I’ve now been using it for months and long-term use has worked out great. Still no side effects, still the same awesome results.
  • When you order this product, you get a supplement and a recipe. That means you can either order more of the capsules or you can make your own version with the cocktail. It is totally up to you. I love that flexibility.
  • It is reasonably cost effective. I mean, yeah, it is a big investment, but you are getting a lot for your money.
  • The lifestyle suggestions are very helpful. I loved that this system tackled ED from a number of different angles. And actually, you know what? I have slightly decreased my dosage since I started implementing some of those lifestyle changes, and things have been going well for me. I actually wonder if over the long term those lifestyle improvements will be enough for me to stop using the cocktail altogether.
  • You get great bonuses, and they are free!

Cons of Erect on Demand

  • The upfront investment may seem a bit steep for some guys. It is really hard to take a chance on a new product like this, especially if you have failed in the past using other methods. I totally can get why some guys may not want to invest $69.95 on something they have never heard of until now. But at least there is a 60-day full refund guarantee.
  • You are not sure what you are getting until you actually get it. I mean, a “recipe” or “cocktail” is not very self-explanatory. It does sound like snake oil, so it isn’t very well marketed in my opinion. Thankfully this is the real deal.
  • The cocktail may not work immediately and may take a little time to kick in. It shouldn’t be that long, though, and trust me, the wait is worth it. Once you get things back in gear, you will be so glad you decided to stick with it.

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Honestly, I really cannot come up with any more cons. This is just a great product all-around. It has turned my life around, and I am sure that it can do the same for other guys who try it.